Hello world again!

Today I logged in WordPress for the first time in one year and… simply put, I wiped 8 1/2 Bits. All gone.
I abandoned it one year ago because it turned into something I didn’t like: a bunch of outdated tutorials and naive cheats.

In this particular phase of my professional life, there’s one thing I had the luck to learn the hard way:

Look at the world with the eyes of a child

Never look at problems with the eyes of your knowledge.
My mother often says “in your world everything changes so quickly, you always need to keep up to date”. The reality is you cannot keep yourself up to date. You need to learn along the way and for this process to be effective and possible, you must underestimate your knowledge and feed your hunger to know more and build better software.

This is a process that should be done with enthusiasm and optimism. If you’re a kid willing to get your hands on software development keep this in mind: the classes never end, and most of the time you will not be paid to study. They will pay you to produce, but learning… well, revise your social life, maybe just a little bit.

I’m not here to teach you stuff. I tried and failed miserably. But I will try to give you a perspective (different? equal? myopic?) on some topics.
Just like others succeeded in giving me a different perspective and helped me in the hard process of understanding how ingenuous I am, I will try to do the same with some of you… which might sound a big arrogant, sorry about that.


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