How (not) to tell your mom how you earn your living

Your mom won’t feel fulfilled until you tell her you’re a “manager”.
The word “manager” has a clear etymology: (person) that manages (persons/things), but
for every non English country that actively uses the English word “manager”, that word means: wealthy, money-handling rampant white collar.

But you don’t want to be a manager, you want to be a software engineer, a web developer, a data analyst.

“Mom, I am software engineer” you timidly come out.
“So what do you do exactly?” she asks, emphasizing the word “exactly”.
BEWARE, she’s not really interested in what you do, but since you’re not a manager, she wants to make sure you’re doing fine, and one of the ways to discover that is understanding what you do to earn your living, in detail.

This is the origin of some of the most hilarious and annoying anectodes I’ve ever heard. And yes, some of them are Italian moms. If your parents are now 65+, this has certainly happened to you too as well.

Here’s some of the best. these are ALL REAL:

You: I do websites for mobile devices
Mom: Like websites for the computer?
You: Yeah, for mobile devices
Mom: How is that even possible… oh you mean texts!

You: We build a social network
Mom: Facebook?
You: No, not Facebook. It’s…
Mom: Is it like Facebook?
You: No…
Mom: But you said it’s a social network

You: I work at a startup
Mom: Oh God, that’s a problem, right?

You: It’s a tool that helps people sharing their cooking recipes
Mom: Good lord, you could ask your mom
You: Mom, it’s not for me it’s for other people
Mom: You can’t even pour your cereals and you give advices to others?

You: I’m a software engineer
Mom: Basically computers, right?
You: Yes
Mom: Good, the boy that fixes my laptop from viruses is very pricey

You: Yeah, in my work I need to use the Internet a lot
Mom: Be careful

You: I’m a freelance web developer
Mom: So you have to find your own customers
You: Yes
Mom: But how do you do that? You have to be skilled to do that

You: Yes mom, it’s an intensively intellectual work
Mom: All that thinking must be very stressful. I wonder why you never looked into that postal office job offer I told you about

And I could go on and on.

At the end of the day, even if some of them are tragically annoying, they are all driven by love. Don’t get mad at your mom, hug her (and maybe she will stop talking for a minute or two).


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